Nanotechnology Conferences|Amsterdam|Netherlands|2017

Nano Congress 2017

About Conference

Gavin Conferences invites participants from all over the world to attend “International Conference on Nanotechnology and Nanoscience”. Nano Congress 2017 is a two day conference scheduled during September 18-19, 2017 at Amsterdam, Netherlands and is open to attendees, academics and non-academic audiences.

The two day conference is designed to bring researchers, academicians, doctorates, professors, lecturers and scholars to discuss research and share ideas regarding career interests to make event experience even better. During the event, participants can build networks and share information and ideas with one another. Nanotechnology is engineering, science and technology applied at nanoscale. Nanotechnology is being applied to almost every field imaginable, including electronics, magnetics, optics, information technology, materials development and biomedicine. Nano Congress 2017 will be a great platform for research scientists and young researchers to share their current findings in this field of applied science.


Our aim is to explore research on the latest and exciting innovations in prominent areas of nanotechnology and nanoscience.

Global Market

The global market for nanotechnology products was worth nearly $22.9 billion in 2013; $26 billion in 2014; $30 billion in 2015 and approximately $64.2 billion by 2019. It is expected that the global nanotechnology market may reach up to $174 billion.


Conference Highlights

Nano structured materials, devices and systems
Quantum Dots, Quantum Wires, Quantum well
Nanolithography, X- ray Diffraction Technique
Nano electronic circuits
Nano electromechanical systems
Micro modeling of nanomaterial
Nano electronics in Defense and Military
Nano robotics
Nanotechnology in Cancer therapy
Nanotechnology in Cardiovascular Medicine
Nanotechnology in Bone Regeneration
Nanotechnology based Imaging Technologies
Regenerative Nanomedicine
Microfluidics & Microfabrication
Nano Cardiomyoplasty
Bio-Sensors and Nano-Probes for Nanomedicine 
Transmyocardial Revascularization (TMR) by Medical Nanomaterials
Realibility of Nanodevices & Systems
Nanoscale processs engineering
Nanosurface engineering
Nanodevice fabrication
System integration,NEMS
Nano manufacturing techniques
Modelling and simulation o Nanodevices
Nano Fabrication
Properties of Nano Materials
Polymer Nanotechnology
Porous Nanomaterials and Mesoporous Materials
Nanomaterials for Chemical and Catalytic Applications
Nanomaterials in Food and Agriculture Industry
Nanomaterials in Textile and Fiber
Nanomaterials in Nano-Coating, Nano-Adhesives,
Nano printing and Nano packaging
Nanotechnology in Information Technology
Nanotechnology in Bioinformatics
Renewable and sustainable energy applications
Applications of nanoelectronics
Nanomaterial and nanoparticle applications
Environmental and chemical applications
Nanotechnology in Civil and Mechanical engineering
Nanotechnology in marine & defense applications
Nanotechnology in Cosmetics
Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
Applying Optimization in Energy Area
Molecular modeling and simulation of materials
Advanced grapheme science
Metal Nano crystals
Super molecular material design
Nanostructured Molecular Architectures
Molecular assembler‚Molecular modelling 
Super molecular material design
Molecular Mimics
Preparation of graphene using different methods
Graphene composites
Application of graphene supercapacitors
Application of graphene solar cells
Application of graphene batteries
Electrolytes, electrodes, and separators that are related to graphene energy devices
Performance of graphene based electrodes
Electrochemistry of graphene related electrodes
System Safety and Asset Integrity
Green chemistry & Nanomaterials
Pollution prevention
Reducing energy consumption
Bimetallic & Iron based nanoparticles
Nanomembrane & Nanoseive
Nanomaterials for clean and sustainable water technology
Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion and Heat Transfer
Nanotech for Fuel Cell and Solar Cell
Precision Measurement Instrumentation – Design Principles
Length Traceability Using Interferometry
Displacement Measurement
Surface Topography Measurement Instrumentation
Scanning Probe and Particle Beam Microscopy
Surface Topography Characterisation
Coordinate Metrology
Mass and Force Measurement
Nanoscale Processes and Techniques
Nanotechnology for Improved/Enhanced Oil Recovery
Flow Assurance Nanotechnology
Drilling and Completion Products and Processes
System Safety and Asset Integrity
Optical properties of nanostructures
Quantam Confined Materials
Nanostructured Molecular Architectures
Nanophotonics for Biotechnology and Nanomedicine
Biomaterials and Nanophotonics
Quantum Aspect of Light
Fabrication of Photonic Devices, Quantum Dot Materials
Optical Nanoscopy
Multiscale Modelling for the Materials Improvement and Design
Nanostructured Metals: manufacturing and modelling
Nanostructured Multiphase Alloys
Quantum Mechanics for Modelling of Nanomaterials
Microstructure-based Models and Dislocation Analysis
Mechanics of Nanomaterials
Software for Modelling of Nanomaterials
Industrial Applications of Nanomaterials Modelling
Manufacture of Nanoparticles
Nano particles-Drug Deliveries
Drug delivery systems
Nanotechnology -future understanding for treatment
Nano particles in Drug Delivery-available applications
Tissue Engineering
Bio-medical instrumentation
Communication and Navigation
Nanotechnology in Health care
3-D integration of semiconductors
Risk assessment and management
Measurement of health risk
Exposure scenarios
Regulation and ethical impacts
Nanotechnology safety, policy & awareness

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